With ‘Migration in Ukraine: Facts and Figures’, the IOM Mission in Ukraine intends to provide you with a compilation of migration trends and statistics. This fact sheet aims at advancing the understanding of the opportunities and challenges of migration in the Ukrainian context. Maximizing those opportunities and minimizing the challenges accompanied with migratory movements are the guiding principles of all activities and programmes the Mission is engaged in.

The project “Comprehensive Stabilization Support for IDPs and Affected Population of Ukraine”, funded by EU and implemented by IOM from December 2014 till June 2016, applied a comprehensive approach aimed at strengthening social and economic integration of IDPs in host communities, promoting their social cohesion, supporting information resources for IDPs and creating a single centralized system of registration of IDPs.

IOM-commissioned survey provides an estimate of social cohesion for IDPs and local population by such aspects as: their confidence in the public authorities, trust to social institutions and other state establishments; solidarity with other groups; participation in political and civic activities as well as in social and cultural life.