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IOM survey: employment and living conditions are the most problematic issues identified by Ukrainian IDPs  (Deutsche Welle, 4 May 2018, Ukrainian)

In der Grauzone. Humanitäre Lage in der Ostukraine (Die Wochenzeitung, 8 February 2018, German)

Pigs and cucumbers: Slavery victims with eye for business get fresh start in Ukraine (Thomson Reuters, 21 December 2017)

Internally displaced persons will be able to share their business development experience online (Crimean News Agency , 10 November 2017, Russian)

Jamala starring in promotional video for the information campaign against human trafficking (1+1 TV Channel, 12 October 2017, Ukrainian)

New life of IDPs: how to start a successful business (, 26 June 2017, Ukrainian)

Grants changing lives: Kyiv holds a fair of entrepreneurs who started their business with IOM support (5 Channel, 24 June 2017, Ukrainian)

U.S. Government helps IDPs in Ukraine start new business (Voice of America, 25 June 2017, Ukrainian)

IOM Ukraine’s Anastasiia Vynnychenko comments of labour migration of Ukrainians to Poland (KyivPost, 27 April 2017)

Counter-trafficking installation opened in Kyiv (5 Channel, 2 December 2016, Ukrainian)

Ukrainian border guards received equipment to strengthen border with Belarus (Espresso TV, 22 November 2016, Ukrainian)

Gorbunova: Up to 70% of Ukrainians-victims of human trafficking are returnees from Russian Federation ("Hromadske Radio", 19 October 2016, Ukrainian)

You can build the walls but migrants will go round them - IOM Director General ("Apostrof", 11 October 2016, Ukrainian)

Internally displaced people in Ukraine – new opportunities, or Labyrinth of corn (Deutsche Welle, 2 June 2016, Ukrainian)

Conscious choice (“Holos Ukrainy”, 1 June 2016, Ukrainian)

73% of human trafficking victims have technical or high education, - experts (“Hromadske radio”, 24 May 2016, Ukrainian)

Seductive promises pave the road to slavery  (“Uriadovyi Kurier”, 6 May 2016, Ukrainian)

IOM: 40% of teenagers from vulnerable social groups are at risk to become victims of trafficking (“112” TV channel, 20 April 2016, Russian)

The most widely spread form of child exploitation in Ukraine is mendicancy, - IOM (“Radio Liberty”, 19 April 2016, Ukrainian)

Germany allocates 1 mln EUR to support internally displaced persons from the Donbass (“Yevropeiska Pravda”, 29 March 2016, Ukrainian)

Youth centre in Chasiv Yar renovated with EU support (“Hromadske radio”, 21 March 2016, Ukrainian)

IOM will help Ukraine create a general IDPs database (UNIAN information agency, 3 March 2016, Ukainian)

IOM makes schools in Donetsk region coldproof  (Hromadske Radio, 11 February 2016, Ukrainian)

Sex, lies and psychological scars: inside Ukraine's hunam trafficking crisis (The Guardian, 4 February 2016)

Japan assigns 1 million UAH to Art Centre renovation in Kostiantynivka (Hromadske Radio, 18 January 2016, Ukrainian)

The MOVED ON! exhibition to open in Kyiv on the occasion of Migrant Day (“Vechirnii Kyiv” newspaper, 22 December 2015, Ukrainian)

IOM Director General: 2015 will be remembered as the year of sufferings and tragedies (statement of IOIM Director General on the occasion of International Migrant Day, UKRINFORM information agency, 18 December 2015, Ukrainian)

Varvara Zhluktenko: anyone can make it to slavery not only abroad, but also in Ukraine (FORUM information agency, 3 December 2015, Russian)

National motor rally “Only cars - for spare parts!” (“Day” newspaper, 2 December 2015, Ukrainian)

'Virtual" border. Ukraine and Belarus launched new customs data exchange system ( The Day, 27 October 2015, Ukrainian)

Crisis and war trigger new wave of migration from Ukraine ("Novoe vremia", 28 October 2015, Ukrainian)

UN stresses on major migration growth in Ukraine ("Dzerkalo tyzhnia" weekly newspaper, 31 July 2015, Ukrainian)

IDPs assistance programme is developed in Donetsk regioin ("Holos Ukrainy" newspaper, 30 July 2015, Ukrainian)

International organizations will increase financial assistance to IDPs in Ukraine ("Dzerkalo tyzhnia" weekly newspaper, 30 July 2015, Russian)

The risk of falling victims to human trafficking is growing for Ukrainians - IOM (Radio Liberty, 30 July 2015, Ukrainian)

Three millions of Ukrainians want to work abroad (Espreso TV, 30 July 2015, Ukrainian)

Ukrainians are most willing to work in Poland and Germany - poll (Europeiska pravda, 30 July 2015, Ukrainian)

Germany will give 1 mln EUR to Ukrainian IDPs ("Segodnia" newspaper, 29 July 2015, Ukrainian)

IOM increases its financial support to IDPs (UN News Centre, 28 July 2015, Russian)

"Invisible" people told their stories of labour slavery (video) (Radio Liberty, 1 July 2015, Ukrainian)

Art-installation to support victims of slavery opened in Kharkiv ("Facty" ICTV, 3 June 2015, Ukrainian)

“Invisible” – modern slaves of Ukraine at the Shevchenko garden alley (Visti TV, 3 June 2015, Ukrainian)

EU and IOM launch a free-of-charge hotline to provide information to internally displaced persons in Ukraine (Tonis Channel, "Socilnyi Puls", 12 March 2015, Ukrainian)

Displaced persons in Kharkiv received first money from the EU (Evropeiska Pravda, 19 December 2014, Ukrainian)

Kyivites reminded about trafficking dangers (Segodnya, 2 December 2014, Russian)

A counter-trafficking installation opened in Kyiv (Radio Liberty, 2 December 2014, Ukrainian)

How to check the foreign employer (IOM Ukraine's Specialist Kateryna Ardanyan interviewed by 1+1, 30 October 2014, Ukrainian)

The Rhythm of Diversity  (ERA FM report on IOM-organized roundtable, 9 September 2014, Ukrainian)

The Rhythm of Diversity  (NewsOne TV report on IOM-organized roundtable, 9 September 2014, Ukrainian)

Are anti-migrant clashes possible in Ukraine? (Focus weekly, 18 October 2013, Russian)

Russian anti-migrant clashes: no scenario for Ukraine? (IOM Ukraine's expert participates in a discussion on Radio Liberty Ukrainian Service, 15 October 2013, Ukrainian)

Small donors of a big economy (Ekonomichna Pravda, 17 October 2013, Ukrainian)

Geography of irregular migration to Ukraine changing (IOM Ukraine's Chief of Mission interviewed by Deutsche Welle Russian Service, 22 August 2013, Russian)

How to use migration for development? (Tauhid Pasha, Labour Migration and Human Development Division, IOM Headquarters, Geneva, interviewed by Ukrainian the Business weekly. 12 August 2013, Russian)

Ukraine struggling to deal with human trafficking menace (Press TV, 17 July 2013)

Ivano-Frankivsk Region residents get counter-trafficking assistance ("Lvivska Pravda" newspaper, 22 June 2013, Russian)

Human trafficking in Ukraine growing (Radio Liberty, 20 June 2013)

Diaspora engagement in Ukraine?s development discussed in Kyiv (Radio Liberty on IOM-organized conference, 22 May 2013, Ukrainian)

"Mom on Skype": communication gap between labour migrants and their children  (Euronews report on IOM-organized roundtable, 24 April 2013, Ukrainian)

Are Ukrainians going to emigrate? (IOM Ukraine's Communications Officer participates in a discussion on TVi, 24 January 2013, Ukrainian)

Brain drain (Lvivska Gazeta on changing face of Ukrainian emigrant, 31 December 2012, Ukrainian)

Counter-Trafficking as a priority of Ukraine's OSCE Presidency. IOM Ukraine's Hanna Antonova interview. (School of Political Analysis, 8 December 2012, Ukrainian)

Trafficking in human beings. Ukrainian score. (Ukrinform, 12 December 2012, Ukrainian)

Forced labour is a growing problem for Ukraine. (BBC Ukrainian Service, 5 December 2012, Ukrainian)

Forced labour: how to avoid trafficking dangers (ForUm, 22 October 2012, Ukrainian)

Back from slavery (1+1 report with IOM Ukraine expert commentary, 18 October 2012, Ukrainian)

Xenophobia in Ukraine: from prejudice to hatred (Glavred, 5 October 2012, Russian)

Countering racism in Ukraine (IOM specialist Yana Salakhova interviewed by Kyiv State TV Company, 4 October 2012, Ukrainian)

Forced labour, a new trend in Ukraine (Deutsche Welle Ukrainian Service, 21 August 2012, Ukrainian)

Assistance for child victims of trafficking (IOM Ukraine?s Chief of Mission Manfred Profazi comments for Radio Liberty Ukrainian Service on counter forced begging campaign, 19 July 2012, Ukrainian)

IOM assisting Ukrainian returnees from Syria (UNN news agency, 18 July 2012, Ukrainian)