IOM Ukraine and the Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights reinforce cooperation to protect migrants

Protection the fundamental rights and freedoms of all migrants, including the internally displaced persons, combating different forms of xenophobia, ethnic and racial intolerance, as well as countering human trafficking in Ukraine are subject of the Agreement of Cooperation recently concluded between the International Organization for Migration, Mission in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsperson). The Agreement was signed by the Ombudsperson, Ms Liudmyla Denisova, and IOM Ukraine Chief of Mission, Mr Anh Nguyen.

IOM Ukraine and the Ombudsperson have agreed to jointly conduct activities, including, but not limited to, conferences, study programmes, and public awareness campaigns, in the field of protection of rights and freedoms of migrants. Inter alia, IOM Ukraine and the Ombudsperson will jointly support access of migrants in custodial settings to legal information and legal assistance. The joint work will also include development of proposals and recommendations for draft laws and other legislative acts, state programmes, action plans, and ratification of international treaties; as well as facilitation of international cooperation for ensuring the rights of migrants.

“Restrictions on human mobility, imposed due to COVID-19, are exposing many people on the move to significant risks, impacting their human rights and well-being, impeding collective response to the pandemic, and threatening a recovery in which no one is left behind,” said IOM Ukraine Chief of Mission, Anh Nguyen. He stressed that the current environment is also an opportunity to reimagine how migration can be governed in a more humane and effective way. “IOM stands ready to further support Ukraine in developing a robust national policy and administrative framework that maximizes the benefits of well-organized labour migration, strengthens protection measures for Ukrainian citizens abroad and foreign migrants within Ukraine, and widens opportunities for socioeconomic reintegration of returned migrants in their local communities,” added Anh Nguyen.