Over 100,000 displaced persons and conflict-affected people assisted by IOM

As of end of February 2016, IOM has assisted over 100,000 vulnerable internally displaced persons and conflict-affected people in 21 regions of Ukraine. They were provided with cash assistance, medicine, hygiene items, clothes and shoes, household items, legal counselling and psychological support, as well as livelihood support.

Ukrainians abroad are the biggest investors in Ukraine’s economy, IOM-commissioned survey reveals

The money transferred back home by Ukrainians working abroad is higher than all funds foreign companies invest in the country and international donors contribute to development combined.

IOM helps migrants to better prepare for their new life in Canada

Several hundreds of Ukrainians preparing to move to Canada have benefited from free pre-departure orientation sessions conducted by IOM Ukraine at the request of the Government of Canada since spring 2015.

IOM presents an Art Project on the occasion of the International Migrants Day

Art-works presented in the Moved On! project display artistic exploration of the migration experience. The exhibition is open for visitors at Shcherbenko Art Centre, Mykhailivska Street, 22-V,
from 22 December 2015 till 16 January 2016.

Joining Hands

IOM supported some of IDPs staying in Zhytomyr by inviting them to a microbusiness training. They have also drafted business plans to receive grants for equipment, which, once in the hands of the IDPs, will give them renewed strength and help them rebuild their lives. Photo story by the British photographer Ben Robinson.


Information for those
moving to the U.S.,
and New Zealand

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a toll-free hotline to provide information to IDPs

A pre-departure seminars for those who immigrate to Canada