“I need to feel useful, that is why I have always worked”

A story of a displaced Crimean Tatar family, asssisted by IOM to start their small business.

EU and IOM launch a toll-free hotline to provide information to internally displaced persons in Ukraine

The European Union and IOM have launched a free-of-charge hotline to provide practical information to IDPs. The hotline, operated by IOM’s implementing partner Donbas SOS, builds on the experience gained by the NGO with running a similar project.

Over 44,000 vulnerable displaced persons assisted by IOM

As of mid April, IOM has assisted over 44,000 vulnerable internally displaced persons in 16 regions of Ukraine. With funds from Norway, Switzerland, the U.S., UN, Germany and the EU, these people were provided with medicine, hygiene items, warm clothes, shoes and blankets, heaters, as well as legal counselling and psychological support.

Over 21 000 vulnerable internally displaced persons in Ukraine enabled to buy clothes, medication and other essentials with cash provided by the EU

The EU in cooperation with IOM has provided assistance to ensure immediate support to internally displaced persons arriving from the areas affected by the crisis in Eastern Ukraine to Kharkiv Region, which currently serves as a safe haven for over 130,000 people according to the official data.

IOM's art installation raises awareness of human trafficking

On the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, 2 December, IOM Ukraine opened a public art installation in Mariinskiy Park in Kyiv. The installation titled, Invisible in Plain Sight, seeks to raise awareness about trafficking in human beings and tell the real stories of its victims who live amongst us, but often remain unseen.


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a toll-free hotline to provide information to IDPs