20 December 2011
The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Nina Karpachova sent her greetings to IOM Ukraine?s Chief of Mission Mr. Manfred Profazi on the occasion of IOM?s 60th Anniversary globally and 15 years of Organization?s presence in Ukraine.
19 December 2011
Several victims of trafficking, who received micro-enterprise grants from IOM as part of their reintegration plan, joint and set up an embroidery and sewing production. You could support the counter-trafficking cause and IOM's beneficiaries by purchasing their products.
19 December 2011
Migration affects all countries ? and so do myths and misperceptions about its impact. There are many false assumptions surrounding migration. One such myth is that migrants are a burden. In reality, migrants make vast contributions to host countries. As workers, they bring skills. As entrepreneurs, they create jobs. As investors, they bring capital. In advanced and emerging economies, they play an indispensible role in agriculture, tourism and domestic work. Migrants often care for the youngest and oldest members of society. People view irregular migration as a crime. Many think migrants who lack proper documents are a danger to society and should be detained, or that all women who migrate to take up low-skilled jobs have been trafficked.