13 April 2012
On Friday, 13 April, in Kyiv, was the first night for ?At Home in Ukraine? theatre play produced by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission in Ukraine. The play is based on real life stories of migrants and ethnic minority communities living in Ukraine. The play director is Mr. Anatolii Cherkov, the Ukrainian Theatre Association member, co-founder of the Kyiv First Theatre School, the ?Dakh? theatre actor and the artistic director of the ?Theatre in the Room?. Young professional and amateur actors perform in the play.
02 April 2012
IOM?s Regional Director for Eastern, South-Eastern Europe and Central Asia Ms. Renate Held conducted a familiarization visit to Ukraine on 25-30 March 2012. During the meetings with Ukrainian authorities, inter alia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Migration Service, the State Border Guard Service, the Ministry of Social Policy, and the Parliament, Ms. Held underlined the progress Ukraine has achieved in migration management. IOM?s Regional Director also assured the Ukrainian Government counterparts that IOM is ready to provide further support in the implementation of best international migration-related practices.
26 March 2012
The successive handover of the responsibility of full coverage of migrants? basic needs in detention from international organizations to the Governments of Moldova and Ukraine is planned by 1 September 2012. The provision of legal assistance to detained migrants within the framework of the SIREADA* project will be upheld until February 2013. Ukrainian and Moldovan migration management authorities renewed their commitment to ensure sustainability of best practices in migrant accommodation at the second SIREADA Regional Steering Committee in Chisinau, Moldova, on 20 March 2012.