02 May 2012
A range of counter-trafficking trainings for orphaned students and graduates of vocational schools was conducted in Kharkiv with IOM Ukraine?s support. Over 160 students attended the course, standing for over a half of orphaned and left-behind boys who study in Kharkiv vocational schools. According to IOM Ukraine, young boys and men suffer the most from labour exploitation in Ukraine and abroad. Orphaned and left-behind teenagers are one of the most vulnerable groups. Oleksandr Polianskyi from the Kharkiv NGO ?Your Right? explains that ?very often orphans quit their first job because of a relatively low salary incomparable to the allowance in shelters. Willing to ?make a quick buck? they often agree to irregular employment.?
25 April 2012
Representatives of Ukrainian governmental bodies, international organizations, Ombudsman?s Office, Embassy of the Netherlands and NGOs visited three special holding facilities for irregular migrants in Zakarpattia: Chop Temporary Holding Facility (THF), Mukachevo THF and Luzhanka Special Premise (SP). These facilities with the capacity of 60, 32 and 6 places respectively are administered by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.
20 April 2012
IOM Ukraine?s Counter-Trafficking Unit conducted training for the staff of the Kyiv State Employment Centres. The training participants learned about general rules of safe employment, principles of National Counter-Trafficking Referral Mechanism and IOM Ukraine?s rehabilitation programme for victims of trafficking.