08 November 2012
The theater play ?At Home in Ukraine? based on real stories of migrants and national minorities was selected to be staged during the annual international festival ?Week of Contemporary Drama?. The project aims to assist talented authors, whose plays were not widely staged so far, in establishing contacts with theaters. The festival is supported by the Goethe Institute, the British Council and ?СТБ? TV channel. Ninety scenarios were submitted to the festival jury, of which 20 were selected for the festival programme. Improvised performances are taking place in Kyiv theaters from 3rd till 11th November. The script of the play ?At Home in Ukraine? developed by Kateryna Pen?kova will be staged by ?Kolovorot? theater association founder and director Ruslan Osyka. Actors are students of different ethnic origin, whose stories served as the basis for the play.
05 November 2012
On 4 December, IOM will host the 6th Combating Human Trafficking Awards Ceremony in Kyiv, which will recognize individuals and organizations in Ukraine that have made outstanding contributions in the fight against modern-day slavery. The IOM Mission in Ukraine estimates that over 120,000 Ukrainian men, women and children have fallen victim to human trafficking since 1991. IOM works with a broad range of governmental, non-governmental, international and corporate partners to combat this crime and since 2000 has rehabilitated almost 9,000 of its victims. This year?s Combating Human Trafficking Awards Ceremony will recognize individuals and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to the fight against modern-day slavery.
19 October 2012
IOM Ukraine partnered with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and contributed to elaboration of new study programmes within the framework of middle school reform. In particular, IOM recommendations were included into the new curriculum in History, Geography, Health Care and Law.