IOM Global Migration Film Festival now in Ukraine!

18 December is International Migrants Day. Let’s mark this day together. We kindly invite you to attend IOM Global Migration Film Festival. IOM launched the Global Migration Film Festival in 2016. The purpose of the festival is to bring attention to migration issues and create a space for respectful debate and interaction. The competition programme of the festival includes different genres: featured and documentary films, animation, full and short films. This year the festival is organized in more than 100 countries, but in Ukraine it will be held for the first time. The Film Festival theme this year is “Social Cohesion”. We will talk about different aspects of social cohesion, diversity and integration during the discussion with our guests, namely... Stop! Let’s keep the intrigue for a while. We will introduce the guests a bit later.

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Let's watch and discuss two short films:
“Haru's New Year” by Korean director Alice Shin
Haru had just arrived from Japan to Canada. New Year, new country, new school... Will she manage to make new friends?

"Three August Days" by Estonian director Madli Lääne
August 1991. Estonian girl Eva meets Russian boy Kir. Meanwhile, a military coup is taking place in Moscow and Estonia proclaims independence. Will political events affect children's friendship?

The 2019 Global Migration Film Festival in Ukraine is supported by Estonian Embassy in Kyiv and Embassy of Canada in Ukraine.

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