IOM Expands Its Assistance to Displaced People in Ukraine

With winter swiftly approaching, IOM will extend its support to 4,000 more displaced people among the most vulnerable in Ukraine. By the end of September, there were already 300,000 displaced people from Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, according to the Ukrainian State Emergency Service. IOM is targeting the most vulnerable among them in 13 regions of Ukraine hosting over 65 per cent of the displaced population.

The Rhythm of Diversity

How are music, race and African migration linked in the Ukrainian context? – ‘Through hip-hop culture,’ answers Adriana Helbig, Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Pittsburgh, in her book presented at the IOM Ukraine’s office


Only weeks after she had to flee from Crimea, Niyara* gave birth to her ninth child. The boy was born in Vinnytsia on the eve of the Muslim holiday of Uraza-Bayram. Niyara and her family are some of the 200.000 displaced persons from Eastern Ukraine and Crimea who had to look for refuge in other parts of Ukraine. 


IOM Ukraine organized an information tour titled, ‘Safely to Success!’ to raise awareness about the risks of human trafficking. The campaign, funded by the Swiss Confederation,  targeted youth and other at-risk groups.

IOM-commissioned study reveals opportunities for better migrant integration in Ukraine

How do migrants in Ukraine live, where do they work, do they have equal access to healthcare and education and other public services on par with Ukrainian citizens, do they feel safe in Ukraine, and what are the needs for integration? A new IOM-commissioned study finds answers to these questions.


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